Dynamixel AX-12+ Controllers

Agave Robotics specializes in Dynamixel AX-12 development. Our engineering staff is very familiar with the Dynamixel hardware and software protocols.

AX-12+ Controller Options

Currently Agave Robotics supports two AX-12 bus controllers:

  • Parallax Propeller
  • USB2Dynamixel

Both controllers allow direct command of a Dynamixel bus through a PC. The Propeller loaded with DynaBus embedded can run in stand-alone mode or accept commands from a PC or another microcontroller.

Controller Description
Parallax Propeller
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The Parallax Propeller Demo Board loaded with the Propmixel Embedded serial driver provides easy access to the AX-12 bus.  The Propeller can accept serial communication from 2400 to 250,000 bps and pass instructions the AX-12 network to the default 1M bps. Therefore, any serial TTL device can send instructions to the AX-12 network. The Propeller’s powerful 8 processor core allows developers to create programs that execute parallel tasks like reading and responding to sensor data in real time.

The free Propmixel Embedded download contains open source drivers, an instruction manual, and a debug tool. The Propeller option comes with a USB cable, and 3 resistors to interface with the AX-12 bus.

A separate 7-10V 5A source is required to power an AX-12 network!

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The USB2Dynamixel is a very popular AX/RX controller. The USB2Dynamixel passes Dynamixel commands from a PC USB port to a Dynamixel network. A separate power supply is required since a PC USB port can not provide enough current to drive an AX/RX network.

See the USB2Dynamixel Specifications Page page for Dynamixel power requirements. If you r project requires sensor input, consider using the Propeller. The USB2Dynamixel can not be programmed and requires PC or compatible device to send properly formatted Dynamixel commands.