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This is version 1 of the Dynamixel library written in C#. The project file download contain two projects, Dynamixel, and Dynamixel packet tester. The packet tester is a Windows form that demostrates how to initialize and use the Dynamixel objects. This project is designed to be used with the USB2Dynamixel, the Parallax Propeller running the PropMixel driver, or any device that passes Dynamixel commands from a PC directly to the Dynamixel bus.

Dynamixel Project Feature

  • Each Dynamixel instruction is a class. This makes it very easy to build a instructions. As a matter of fact, each class is named [instruction]Builder.
  • The status packet class buffers and frames up status packets. The status packets are passed through delegates to a appropriate listener. This frame work allows the programmer to handle status packets in the background and not block until a status packet is received.
  • Comprehensive developer help file provided.
  • Respectful comments are welcome.

Dynamixel Software Downloads

AX-12 driver for the Propeller